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If you regularly come to money more life, you may have read various articles on paid surveys. I already told you about YouGov or MySurvey and have published a guide to the best online survey sites with which you will not be disappointed. Since you seem to like surveys online, I present to you Ipsos I-Say, one of the references on the subject. You can already register here: I-Say registration.

As you know, paid survey sites on the internet number in the thousands, and yet only a handful are grave. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, but in reality, we consider that 10% of sites are entirely reliable and pay their members. This is the case with I-Say.

Presentation of I-Say

Launched in 1999, I-Say is an international site available in English and lots of other foreign languages. For 18 years, I-Say has recruited a panel of Internet users to answer a series of questions on very diverse subjects. Indeed, I-Say can ask you for your opinion on products, hobbies, advertisements, or brands and compensates you in return.

How Does Ipsos i-Say Work?

For each correctly completed survey, you receive a small commission credited in points in your kitty. After that, these points will be exchanged for vouchers only because I-Say does not pay money directly to its members, but I assure you that this is not a problem. But hey, if you want to make money on the internet with surveys, choose other sites like GreenPanthera.

How much money can I make with i-Say?

As I said above, commissions are variable. Most often, you will get 100 points, other times 250 points. Okay, points are good, but we don’t know more. It is true! So to be more precise, a paid survey will earn you roughly 1 euro. And this euro, you will need 15 to 20 minutes to make it.

Are you going to tell me that working for 3 to 4 euros an hour is a scam? I’m not really answering you, and I’ve already told you that in no case can you get a real salary by answering online surveys. No, paid surveys are a solution to make you an additional income, but not more then if you hope to collect 2000 euros per month with this activity, I want to tell you to go see elsewhere without wishing to upset you.

These surveys are to be done at home quietly when you have nothing to do, and you are bored. Earning 3 to 4 euros an hour rather than hanging out in front of the TV, I find that not corrupt. But hey, I’m not forcing you to do anything. And for the number of surveys, it’s in the order of 4 to 5 per month no more so it will take you a long hour of work.

What is the minimum payout amount?

And the rewards:

Ah, I know that’s what interests you. Money, money, and more money! Yes, except that money, we don’t have one at I-Say. No, if you read what I wrote above, you know that these are rewards in the form of vouchers that will be sent to you. And I can tell you that these vouchers will please you because you can take advantage of them at Amazon, Décathlon, Ikea, Go Sport, I-Tunes and in a dozen other shops.

And with I-Say, you don’t have to wait 1 month to get your voucher and send 36 emails. No, with I-Say, coupons are sent almost as soon as you request them. In a few minutes, you will receive your little gift voucher to please yourself. I forgot to say it, but the coupons are sent by email, of course.

Reliability above all

I-Say is a 100% reliable site where you do not meet the usual bugs of other sites which make you start a survey from scratch while you have been working on it for 20 minutes. 

No, all of this doesn’t exist, and that’s one of the reasons why I-Say has been one of the most popular sites for 18 years. And for points, it’s the same thing. No worries, everything is credited in record time. You will not need to harass customer support …

A few tips

I want to tell you that if you screw up at full speed, you will go straight into the wall. Just because I-Say is one of the leaders doesn’t mean you can do anything. By that, I suggest that you have to fill in your profile correctly without entering fanciful information, especially in your email… And for polls, it’s the same. If it takes 3 minutes to complete an investigation when the other members need 20 minutes, it will look suspicious, and you will be fired roughly.

Don’t be silly!

Well, yes, don’t be silly! Why am I saying that? Quite simply, if you do not wish to answer the surveys for a handful of euros per month, I will understand your choice, of course. Still, by registering in 3 minutes flat, you will participate for free in the contests and will pocket perhaps 100 or 200 euros without do nothing just by luck. It would be a shame not to take advantage of it.

Final note: I recommend it without a problem. Serious site!

Good points

In addition to responding to surveys, I say you can participate in exclusive sweepstakes with the possibility of winning gift cards for an amount of 100 euros. THE fact that I assume is a French site is also an advantage. Indeed, gift vouchers and other rewards granted to members of the site are valid in French-speaking e-commerce sites. However, this is not always the case on other paid survey sites. I say, is also a grave and reliable site since it is one of the world leaders. You can, therefore, entirely trust this site, which is rarely criticized by the most satisfied members.

Negative points

We regret the lack of an application so that we can respond to surveys from our mobile, on which we spend more time. This application is, however, under development, according to Ipsos. Like many paid survey sites, I say, offers a sponsorship program that can, of course, bring you benefits. However, the sponsorship program remains less generous than that of other sites. It will still allow you to increase the profits made on the site. You should know that I Say does not give you cash benefits. If you’re looking to make money, then turn to other polling sites that provide cash for your participation in surveys.

In a few words

I Say isn’t just about being a paid survey site. It is a real online community. This allows you to get in touch with other members and share your opinions, thoughts, and leave comments on what you are passionate about. In this sense, it is like a full-fledged “social network,” and we know how popular they are today. Registering on I Say, therefore, does not only allow you to gain material advantages. It is also an opportunity for you to join a community and interact with members.

I Say many ways to earn points and various ways to get rewards

i-say paid survey I Say sends you about 4 surveys per month, but depending on your interests, you can receive more with more points. You will earn 25 points when you reach 5 surveys, 50 points with 15 surveys, 75 points with 35 surveys, 150 points with 55 surveys, 225 points with 75 surveys, and 300 points with 100 surveys.

Exclusive competitions such as the “welcome draw” for new members are also set up regularly and thus have a chance to win one of 30 $ 100 gift cards. Every 4 months, the “click draw” offers 10 members the opportunity to earn 5000 points each. If one day you become a VIP member, you will be able to participate in a draw, always every 4 months to win one of the 4 gift cards worth 1,000 $ each.

Finally, sponsorship can earn you 100 points per “referral” who will answer at least one survey with the addition of participating in a draw to win one of the 30 prepaid MasterCard cards of € 100 each.

I Say, the ability to interact with other members.

Unlike other paid survey sites, choosing I Say means allowing yourself to get in touch with other members and thus discuss the subjects to which you are responding. You have the option to leave comments, read, respond, as we can on social media.

If you too want to create your own survey, no problem, I Say allows you to do so, which may interest more than one. And there also, you can interact with users of the site and gather opinions.

I Say, an intuitive and clear interface.

The I Say site has been designed to make your task easier during your connections. The site has a very complete interface that displays, on the home page, all the information you will need. The number of available surveys, your kitty, and your discussions with other members is displayed on the home page. So just click to go to the tab of your choice.

How to respond to I Say surveys?

Like many survey sites, I Say sends you survey alerts by email. Each email contains the link to the survey for which you are invited to participate. By clicking on this link, you will be automatically redirected to the survey page. Answer the questionnaire by checking the answers of your choice. Before responding, be sure to log into your personal account on the site.

In some cases, I Say does not send you an email alert. Don’t worry, you will find the list of surveys available on the I Say website. You could then respond to surveys even if you have not received an email invitation. You will then participate in the survey by replying directly to the site.

You have to be careful! I Say surveys have limits in terms of several participation and duration of validity. The survey may, therefore, be closed if you delay responding to emails. They can also contain qualification questions that allow you to know if you meet the participation criteria. If your profile does not meet the requirements, you will be disqualified and will not receive a reward even if you participated in the survey. Please stay alert and read the survey subject carefully before answering questions.

How to register on, I say?

Registration on I Say is, of course, done online. On the site, you will find a registration form to complete in a few minutes. Registration is free and will only take a few minutes. You will be asked for several personal details. Be aware that the site will use them to send you surveys that suit your tastes and interests. So avoid providing incorrect information when registering.


  • member of the world-leading group Ipsos
  • free registration
  • easy to use interface
  • sending out regular surveys
  • possibility of sponsorship
  • participation in raffles
  • Gift vouchers to spend in large French-speaking stores

How to register?

We are already at the end of this article, and if the urge to register on Ipsos I-Say suddenly takes you, know that this is where you have to go to start: Ipsos I-Say registration.


Choosing the paid survey site I Say means opting for the reliability of a world leader who sends you surveys adapted to your personality. Your tastes and different options to accumulate points which allow you to choose the gifts that you appeal to several large French-speaking brands.

Let the site guide you once your free registration is done, you will see, its modern interface is straightforward to use. Come tell us how it goes for you and if you recommend blog readers to subscribe by posting a comment.

Definitely one of the best choices.