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As an entrepreneur and Independent Marketers

As a direct seller in a growing industry. We are giving career opportunities with minimal risk. In network marketing, independent business directly to consumers via word of mouth.

Who do we work?

A global company with an innovative cashback system where we help customers like you and me save (& earn) money as we shop online and at merchant stores that are part of our global partnership program.

We are building a shopping community, and the activities of other marketers in this network, points of purchase, are created and valued for the marketer. 

The compensation plan provides a detailed overview of the compensation based on these points of purchase.

We provide an innovative platform where customers, marketers, and business owners create a base of commerce to spend, earn, and build an extra income.

Why are we saying this to you?

We understand everyone has their financial wants and needs, who doesn’t want a market share of the ever-active shopping community all over the world, right?

We are looking for go-getters, active marketers, and ordinary people like you and me who want to change their life for the better, financially, and economically.

Why are we different?

We have famous and modern companies signed up with Booking, Airbnb, Zara, Ikea, and a lot more. And our name has been presented on billboards and events as well as Europe’s football clubs. You can bet we are here to make changes, and I’m inviting YOU to be part of it!

It’s now or never 

Company website

Platform cashback world

Work from the comfort of your own home

Join us as an independent business developer is as a marketer with an international company. Our business revolves around an integrated multi-channel shopping platform and cashback system that benefits merchants and customers as well as marketers.

Job: you’re mission if you accept it. To promote the Cashback World to customers, business owners, potential marketers (with whom you’ll work together to reach out to even more people, as effectively as possible to market this benefits to each target group).

  1. Provide cashback world business and multi-channel marketing solutions to online and offline merchants- they grow their business exposure, earn more revenue and get more customers.
  2. Promote cashback world and sign up new customers (& develop a team of marketers)

Team leaders and their team websites give you support. All promotional and marketing materials will be provided once you sign up as a marketer – registration and commitment fee are required.

  • Our business venture is for you if you are
  • interested in attaining extra income on top of your full-time job
  • looking for work with flexible hours
  • familiar with working with customers and merchants
  • willing to put in the work to build a source of residual income
  • interested in leadership opportunities and earning from various sources of income within our industry sectors
  • eager to travel the world and meet people from all walks of life
  • want to be part of working for a global company operating in 48 countries
  • I want to contribute to charity foundations located around the globe.
  • and more…!

Our industry is the marketing industry, and network marketing is our philosophy of marketing. We work with & within our networks to sell and promote, and unlike most people, we practice this trade the right way. That is why I’m looking for sales and marketing partners, people who have an entrepreneurial mindset with a ‘can do’ attitude.