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Regarding the family, in particular, it is not always easy to follow the usual working hours. You can also consider leaving your current job to have more family time. There are many reasons to choose to work from home. For a long time, however, working from home had a bad reputation: it was associated with the assembly of ballpoint pens for a few cents, and in fact, questionable suppliers are still active in this field today. In the digital age, however, there have long been other ways to make money. Discover the 10 best things to do from home in this article.

Surveys: Earn Money With Your Opinion

Surveys can help companies, survey institutes and retailers to better tailor their offerings to customers. Therefore, they now occupy a large field when working from home.

  • You can win this: The remuneration per survey is very different and depends, among other things, on the supplier and the duration of the survey. They range from 1 euro to 15 euros and rarely more. You can earn 200 to 400 euros per month if you are active with many providers and regularly participate in surveys.
  • It’s your job: if you want to answer surveys at home, you need a little patience and time. On average, an investigation lasts between five minutes and half an hour. If providers have a survey tailored to your profile, you will be invited. If you fill out the questionnaire and fill it out, you will receive money or bonuses.
  • Here is the required knowledge: when responding to surveys, no special knowledge or training is required. It is only important that you provide the correct information in your profile to receive surveys that are also suitable for you.
  • How to become a participant: Register on different platforms to get as many surveys as possible. The best known and best platforms include:

Registration is usually completed in a few minutes. Fill out your profile as completely as possible with providers and you will soon receive the first surveys. Learn more about how to make money from surveys.

Product testers: test and evaluate products

Be one of the first to have new products on hand and maybe even improve them – product testers are especially important for businesses and are therefore well paid.

  • That’s your task: as a product tester, you have the task of testing products that are not usually on the market yet and communicating your opinion to the company or the manufacturer. You will usually receive a list to fill out. Sometimes you also test marketable products and then leave a note (for example on Amazon).
  • You can win this: it depends on the supplier and the product. The gains vary between a few euros and can sometimes even be in the three-digit range if it is a product that needs to be tested over a longer period. Also, you can usually keep the products.
  • This is the knowledge required: just like surveys, no knowledge is necessary for product testers. You must be ready to evaluate the product and submit your opinion within the desired time. You can of course also refuse products. However, the more reliable you are, the greater the choice of test products.
  • How to become a participant: There are different portals where you can register as a product tester. The same goes here: the more you register on the portals, the more likely you are to pass many tests. Sometimes the products are also drawn by lot. Some well-known portals where you can become a product tester are:

“Editor’s tip: Register with I-Say and earn above-average money through product testing and website testing.”

Usability testing: you test functionality

Do you already know the work of the usability tester? As a potential user, you need to help companies recognize where and how a website, software, or applications can be improved.

  • You can win this: The tests themselves are very complex, so the remuneration of the testers is also quite high. 25 to 80 euros per test are quite common. Depending on the platform, you can earn a three-digit amount per month if you are selected for numerous tests.
  • This is the knowledge you need: you need to be a little familiar with the programs and software and also have the right prerequisites at home to use the programs.
  • It’s your job: of course, companies want to help customers with their software or their offers. It does not help a business if the friendliness is not correct and the customers dissatisfied. It’s there that you intervene. You test where improvements can still be made and information companies.
  • How to become a participant: To become a participant in usability tests, it is preferable to register with several platforms that carry these tests. This includes

Do micro-work

A micro jobber performs small tasks from a smartphone, tablet or PC. The most popular portal for micro-jobs is clickworker with several hundred thousand members. If you want to become clickworker, you should start there. There are 0.50 to 5 euros per job completed.

  • This is your task: you perform small tasks such as researching the Internet, writing texts, taking pictures of things in a supermarket or the like. Tasks are done very quickly and can be done regardless of time. No prior knowledge is generally required.
  • These are the required knowledge: No prior knowledge is required.
  • You can win this: There are 0.50 to 5 euros per order. We spoke with micro-jobbers who earn up to 500 euros a month with it. But you have to stay on the ball every day. It’s still a way to make money on the side.

Analyze purchases

The digitization of purchases also falls within the field of market research. Just scan all of your purchases. The aim is for companies to be able to identify trends and better react to people’s consumption behaviour.

  • This is the required knowledge: anyone can perform this task, no prior knowledge is required.
  • This is your task: the manual scanner is provided to you by the respective supplier and you must scan the barcode of the products purchased each time. Ideally, you do this at home when you unpack the purchases. We don’t need any more. The data is then automatically transferred to Nielsen.
  • You can win this: for each week that you participate in such a program, you receive points that you can redeem for vouchers or rewards. The earnings therefore vary but are comparatively high.

Lyricist or translator: passionate about the word

If you have a knack for good writing or are trained as a translator, you can work as a writer or translator at home and have a good chance of earning an optimal income.

  • It’s your job: As an advertising copywriter, companies ask you to write texts for the website, flyers or cover letters. You may be allowed to write e-books or even develop slogans. As a translator, you receive texts or books that have to be translated into a specific language. 
  • Here is the knowledge of which you need: as a copywriter, you need excellent knowledge of expression, spelling and grammar. Most clients do not expect training. As a translator, this is of course particularly good if you have an apprenticeship in this field. However, you can also be a native speaker of a popular language that is still used for translations.
  • You can win this: Depending on the order, you will be paid by the word or as a lump sum. In principle, you set the hourly wages yourself, but you have to focus on the market. I usually pay on a word price basis between 2 and 6 cents per word. With more research, this can go up to 10 cents.

However, suppose that the payment on copywriting exchanges is rather “clear”. They are suitable at the start to build references. However, it is better to acquire customers directly.

Programmer: your technical knowledge is required

Programmers have knowledge that is particularly sought after in today’s world. Software creation is a real challenge and many companies are looking for good employees. But you can also work from home.

  • This is your job: as part of the customer order, you are responsible for programming software, applications or programs or for computer monitoring of the company. You can also give lessons – also online. You are also wanted as a software tester.
  • Here is the knowledge you need: a computer degree is an important prerequisite for your potential customer to take you seriously and give you the chance to get an order. There are of course many career changers, but they have to prove themselves with their credentials. It is also an advantage if you speak several programming languages ​​and already have references (including your projects).
  • You can win this: you have a high value for the business and, therefore, the earnings of a programmer per hour are at least in the intermediate two-digit range. However, you will still come across customers who try to pay you less. Here it is important that you position yourself in the market. An hourly wage of 50 to 70 euros is considered normal in all cases.
  • How to Become a Home Programmer: There are many ways to get a job. Apply directly to companies that match your job profile or check out the various job exchanges for freelance orders. There are good job sites in the IT field:

Blogger: earn money with your hobby

Do you have a hobby or want to share everyday family life with the world? Then a blog is an optimal option and you can even make money with it.

  • Here is the knowledge of which you need: of course, you should certainly be familiar with the domain of your blog. This is an important point because your readers will quickly notice if they have an expert in front of them. However, you do not need to have any other knowledge.
  • It’s your job: your blog is your passion. You write articles on “your topic”, post photos and videos, and get people to read, share and comment on your posts. The more a blog is alive, the better for business.
  • You can earn this: There are many ways to make money with a blog. These include:
  1. Link sales
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Paid articles/infomercials
  4. Direct Marketing
  5. Advertising revenue
  6. Guest articles
  7. Product testing
  8. Services offered
  9. Electronic books

The sheer number of options alone indicates that no general income statement can be made. Some people make a living from the blog and earn 4 to 5 numbers a month with it. However, it is a lot of work and not everyone can do it. However, it is easily possible to earn several hundred euros per month via the blog.

  • How to become a blogger at home: more than 200 suppliers, through which you can create a blog for free, are available online. Apart from the time invested and, according to your wishes, the costs of the layout (theme), you have no financial expense. If you want to raise everything professionally, you need to plan your domain and a server.

“Editor’s tip: It’s best to take a look at the Cashcow system or Money Machine 2.0, where you will learn how you can make money that way. Don’t be put off by the awful headlines, the content is really good.”

Graphic designer: pictorial representations are your workhorse

The pictorial representations boil your passion and you always have an idea of how to implement something. As a graphic designer, you can become active as a freelancer working from home.

  • It’s your job: you can be used in many different areas. It is only important that they are images. Anything is possible, from the design of the advertisement and website to the design of posters and projects.
  • You can win this: if you don’t have a lot of experience, your hourly wages will be lower than if you have already made a name for yourself. Depending on the size of the projects, you can earn between 20 euros (as a beginner) up to 100 euros and more per hour.
  • Here’s the knowledge you need: Graphic designer training is a good foundation. You work with special programs and know the different processing variants. The most important thing is that you can use your tools properly and have an eye on composition and design. At the end of the day, only the result counts.
  • How to Become a Home Graphic Designer: Businesses use job sites to find a graphic designer. Among other things, it is worth taking a look at:

Virtual assistant: always there when the fire is lit

Do you have a knack for pulling the strings, are you a good organizational knack and have a PC and a telephone at home? Then you could become a virtual assistant.

  • It’s your job: a virtual assistant takes over a person’s tasks so that they can focus on other things. The word “virtual” indicates that the assistant is not on-site, but works from home, for example. Tasks include, for example, making calls, making appointments, maintaining data, and scheduling meetings.
  • This is the knowledge required: many companies appreciate that their virtual secretary also has training in this area. However, this is not always essential. You should generally be open-minded and friendly, flexible and very easy to access.
  • You can win this: There is no fixed hourly rate for the virtual assistant, so they vary widely. Usually, the hourly rate starts at 10 euros, open upwards. Companies often make payment dependent on the breadth and variety of tasks.
  • How to become a virtual assistant: you can create a website yourself and become self-employed as a virtual assistant. You can also contact one or more platforms offering mediation. This includes:

YouTube, Instagram and Facebook: social networks

Social media is very important in people’s daily lives and it even offers opportunities to make money from home.

  • It’s your job: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have millions of users and can help you make money. You create one or more accounts – either on yourself (as an influencer) or on a specific subject. For example, you can set up a YouTube channel on pets or children. With a growing number of followers, it makes sense to place advertisements and cooperate with businesses. YouTube also offers options for displaying advertisements in front of or in videos. The same goes for Facebook and Instagram: the more fans/followers you have, the more companies are willing to book advertising with you.
  • This is the knowledge you need: you need to have a knack for knowing current trends, needing a little technical understanding and having fun with yourself or various marketing topics. Important: the idea behind your account must be original, otherwise it will be difficult to create an audience.
  • You can win this: with YouTube, people have already become millionaires. Of course, this is the exception rather than the rule. However, if you are successful, you can take amounts of three to four digits a month. For 1,000 video views, you can usually calculate between 1 and 2 euros in revenue. For Facebook and Instagram posts, market prices vary depending on the target group and the number of subscribers.
  • How to succeed with social networks: subscribe to one or more networks, create accounts and off you go. There are different guides online on how to get more followers.

It takes time and patience to create accounts with a high number of followers. However, these investments are worth it if you stay tuned and successfully draw the attention of the crowd.