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Before asking the question in these terms, define “the fact of being rich” or more simply “wealth.”

SURVEY – show that people in America and the UK believe that it takes an average of $ 2.3 million in wealth (2 million euros) to be considered rich. A lower threshold due to the crisis which has shifted the lines in terms of wages and assets.

What is it to be rich? Be part of the 1% of the richest people? 10%? If there is no definition of wealth, your best bet is to interview people to determine their perception of wealth. That’s what the American SURVEY firm does in an annual wealth survey.

According to this survey, Americans estimate that it takes an average of 2.3 million dollars (2 million euros) of assets (financial and real estate) to be considered “rich.” According to the US Federal Reserve, that’s more than 20 times the value of median US household wealth. This is a little lower than in the previous study since Americans considered it necessary to have 2.4 million to be rich.

This estimate is higher for baby boomers (55-73 years old) who consider that wealth starts at $ 2.6 million. For millennials (25-35 years old), wealth starts lower at $ 1.9 million.

20% of Americans see themselves rich within ten years

Americans are generally quite optimistic. 60% of them believe that they will be rich at some point in their life (but this time, they estimate their wealth at $ 700,000 in net worth). 8% consider themselves already rich, and 20% think they will be in 10 years.

Another lesson of the study: for Americans, money is mainly used for consumption. Thus, if we gave them $ 1 million, 54% answered that they would take the opportunity to spend part of it, 28% would pay off their debts, 23% would invest it, 21% would save it, and 7% would make a donation.

A little different perception of wealth. While most studies generally focus on income in the USA, a 2013 survey asked the Americans about wealth. Americans considered that a person must have a heritage exceeding 630,000 $ (debts included) to be considered rich in America. Less than 10% of Americans have such a legacy. In 2015, 10% of American households held gross wealth over 595 700 $ (and 10% in the net wealth of over 534 800 $).

What net worth makes you rich?

Equity is the total value of all of your assets minus all of your debt. This is the only number that represents a singular measure of your financial success. And what net worth do you need to have to be considered rich? For many people, rich means having an abundance of material goods. For me, I would consider myself rich when the income from my property can cover all of my living expenses and a few luxuries. There is no magic number. But when my wife and I can choose to live without working, then we are rich.

How to calculate your net worth

At all times, I know my net worth. All I need to do is log into my Capital account and see the number. Personal Capital works by linking your investment accounts, bank accounts, credit cards, and loans, and bringing all the data together in one place. You can also list all other assets and liabilities that cannot be linked. Once everything is set up, the software will show you your net worth at all times.

If you want to calculate your net worth manually, here is how to calculate your net worth.

How do you compare to others?

The Millionaire Next Door method

From The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas Stanley and William Danko, your network should be worth:

Net worth (or passive assets) = Your age X Your pre-tax income ten

If you have twice as much, you are indeed on your way to getting rich! Stanley and Danko call them A Prodigious Accumulator of Wealth.

I did the quick math, and our net worth should be around $ 900,000 according to the formula. Right now, we have well above that amount, so we are a PAW pair! However, this calculation only works well if your income is stable. For this reason, it’s probably best to replace your pre-tax income with your average pre-tax income for the past five years.

How much is rich: Wealth and fortune

According to Forbes, a rich person “who has fortune, important goods.” The definition is seen to be very general, not quantified. This, therefore, suggests that one is rich compared to the Other. The Rich has more money than most people, more possessions, more expensive than most people.

To complete the definition, we may wonder about the meaning of the proverb, “Is rich enough who owes nothing.” Through this saying, popular common sense asserts that wealth allows you to have what you want (without resorting to loans). It, therefore, will enable you to meet your needs. But isn’t someone “rich” just someone who can afford more than they need? His conditions are satisfied, but so are his desires, at least in part.

The difference between the essential and we touch on the notion of a happy investor according to which wealth is very relative because it is specific to everyone. One person will be satisfied with $ 2,000 a month to live on when another will not consider having a monthly income of less than $ 50,000 to lead the lifestyle they deem adequate. We will consider ourselves more or less rich, depending on our usual lifestyle and the time we spend working. Thus, $ 2,000 of income for a week of work or $ 2,000 received for a month of work will not give the recipient the same impression, especially if, in the first case, the person works one week in the month. Finally, the cost of living is an essential factor to be considered in the definition of wealth. A single person without children who earns $ 2,500 a month in income will not have the same lifestyle at all, depending on whether they live in your area.

How much money is considered rich 

The US economy’s health has benefited the entire population, and poverty has declined in recent years, but the wealth of other classes has grown less by comparison. Median income has indeed increased by 20% over the same period, for six years.

The richest are also those who pay the most taxes. The richest 1% of Americans received 21% of the country’s wealth but contributed 38.5% of tax revenues at the federal level. Proportionately, the rich paid more, but these numbers only take into account federal taxes. The most modest households thus pay other taxes, at the local level, and the taxes related to the Medicare health program, for example.

Almost all federal taxes (97%) are paid by the wealthiest half of Americans, the one who collects more than $ 41,740 million a year, or the equivalent of 89% of the country’s income.

What makes the rich happy?

According to a survey by HSBC bank, well-off people share values, aspirations, and lifestyles that boil down to family, ambition, and freedom.

What drives wealthy people? What are their values, their aspirations, their lifestyle? To answer these questions, the HSBC bank commissioned a study to be carried out. 507 French people with more than $ 75,000 in assets or income greater than $ 70,000 for a single person, $ 100,000 for a couple, were questioned. Here are their answers

Three values: family, transmission, and independence

77% of wealthy people say that the family contributes very strongly to happiness. The main thing is to ensure the well-being of their family (78%), to give their children the best education (76%).

Only 23% consider that professional investment is a driving force of life; 50% describe themselves as thrifty. What makes them happy is being able to “live without depriving themselves” (44%). Being autonomous and owing nothing to anyone is their primary motivation in the professional sphere (65%).

What the rich aspire to above all in life is to pass on their knowledge (62%), their values, their know-how, and of course, their movable and financial heritage.

An investment to become rich.

The way to get rich in less than ten years is through multi-family rental residential complexes.

As long as the money keeps the world going, anyone who wants to dramatically increase their wealth, and bring luxury and prosperity to their families, will wonder how to get rich. What’s the best and most efficient way to do this? Many have realized that the best way to achieve this goal is to invest in real estate. However, the choice of the type of real estate in which to invest is of paramount importance, and the method of profitability will considerably increase your capital base.

The acquisition of a residential house does not lead to wealth.

An investment that produces income can also be an investment that has monthly fees – this investment does not make you money. On the contrary, you pay for it. This kind of investment should be viewed as a liability, not an asset. Buying a residential home not only restricts your mobility, but it also ties up money you can’t use to invest in real estate – as the developer and author wrote in a Business Insider magazine article. Best-selling American, Grant Cordon, made his fortune through his investments in 4,000 multi-family properties in the United States.

On the other hand, the easiest and fastest way to get rich is through investment in profitable real estate properties, such as multi-family residence complexes of tens or hundreds of apartments rented to the large public of tenants in the United States. This type of property is most easily borrowed for financing compared to all kinds of real estate in existence in the United States today. As long as you have enough capital for a first down payment, it will serve as leverage to invest in a profitable property that will allow you to enjoy the sweet fruits of passive income.

The investment in profitable real estate of multi-family residential complexes will remain the best possible investment.

Over the next several years, there are many signs that investing in rental multi-family residential complexes will remain the best real estate investment. Seventy-five million baby boomers will retire, and many residential complexes will be turned into retirement homes. Besides, many millennial generations do not buy housing, preferring to rent, an alternative they will likely choose over the next decade.

Another important sign indicates that investment in multi-family residences is likely to maintain its value in the years to come. Building new housing units has become more expensive in recent years, therefore of less interest to investors. Investors. According to data published in a New York Times article in 2015, the construction of residential rental complexes in the United States is not enough and, therefore, cannot keep up with the demand, while since 2004, an average of 770,000 additional tenants has arrived on the market. The market every year.

Just invest platform allows you to crowd found and invest in properties with the possibility to make money. “One of the great advantages of investing in profitable real estate is that most of the money does not have to come from equity – the investor having the option of using his investment as leverage. Debt is lower than the income that money will earn them. The value of buildings increases, as well as the asking rents, increase thanks to professional management and an improvement in the property’s condition.

At the end of the investment period, the sale price will be higher than the purchase price.


Un individu doit se concentrer sur devenir riche plutôt que riche. Puisqu’un individu peut gagner une bonne somme d’argent, mais une personne riche gagne de manière récursive. Il est nécessaire de dépenser moins et d’investir une partie des revenus pour devenir riche.

 Il ne faut pas être endetté. Avec de l’argent, une personne riche peut tout acheter, mais pas la liberté. Par conséquent, vous devriez vous concentrer davantage sur le fait d’être financièrement libre et riche afin de ne pas manquer d’argent.

Un individu ne devrait pas dépenser tous les revenus et chèques de paie. On devrait faire de la richesse en économisant de l’argent pour les besoins, en compensant tous les prêts. Un individu doit acquérir des actifs, des biens immobiliers, entrepreneuriat et investir dans les marchés boursiers.

Il est facile d’être riche mais très difficile d’être riche car un individu doit sacrifier tout le luxe et le style de vie coûteux pour devenir riche et se concentrer sur la sécurité financière et la flexibilité.