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Like many Internet users, are you looking for work at home? Well, why not start as a typist(data entry)? It is an activity that can save you money. To exercise this profession on the Internet, you will find below some advice from money more life.

As a typist( data entry), you will need to have a good typing skill and know-how to use a computer keyboard. This work consists of entering information on a computer, manuscripts, documents, etc. Other tasks of a typist include classifying addresses, sorting customer mail, searching for addresses on the Internet, correcting errors in customer addresses, etc. This person is also responsible for entering addresses, enveloping, sending a mass e-mail, etc.

To work in this environment, several qualities are necessary: ​​to begin with, you must be rigorous. Indeed, a typist work is incompatible with typos or careless mistakes. Besides, a total mastery of IT tools is required: you may have to use several different interfaces, which requires good adaptability.

How to start data entre from home?

Home typist is in high demand by businesses. Indeed, when it entrusts this work to an outside person, the company spends less since it pays for the result – and does not assume full salary. To find a data entre home position, it is recommended that you look in the right place. You have to go to job vacancies. For example, You can also offer your own free ads on these sites while taking care to leave your contact details and specify your experience.

Besides, to support your applications, you can create a profile on professional social networks (LinkedIn, Viadeo, Facebook jobs) and, thus, fill in a real CV online. After that, as soon as a company contacts you, you can invite it to consult this page so that it identifies all your qualities.

On the Internet, the remuneration of a home typist varies depending on the customer. In general, reward takes into account the number of pages to be written. If you work fast and well, you can start by earning a small additional income, and you may even make a lot of money!

Tips to succeed with data entry from home

Being a typist is not a simple task. You have to be able to earn the trust of businesses. It is therefore recommended to have a speed in the execution of your mission. In most cases, companies need a dynamic, competent person who can deliver quality work to them as quickly as possible.

Besides, you should also avoid spelling errors when entering documents. This can damage your reputation with the company. Better to take the trouble to re-read your documents and correct all mistakes after entering.

Data entry can represent a real source of income and, therefore, resemble a professional activity at home. If you consider this practice as your primary source of income, you must organize yourself accordingly: set up your office to stay comfortable on long missions, devote an entire room to your activity and keep away everything that could divert you from your tasks, like television.

Besides, if you need to supplement your income, find out how to make money quickly on the Internet or our selection of the best profitable sites. It is always worthwhile to make ends meet to avoid being in the red financially.

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What will you need?

You have to be a good typist, that is the main requirement of this job. Especially those who are excellent at 10 key typing are often qualified for data entry jobs. 10-key typing uses the 0-9 keys commonly found on the right side of a computer.

You will need KPH Average Speed data entry for it. KPH means keystrokes per hour. If you have an average speed of 40-50 words per minute (WPM), then it is an advantage for you. You can earn decent money through it. The more WPM, the more chances to earn money. Here I will show you a rough estimate of WPM and KPH that you will need for the qualifications.

  • Words per minute (WPM) = 40 (assuming each word of the 5 Letter)
  • Strokes per minute (KPM) = 200
  • Strikes per hour (KPH) = 12,000

So if you have an average KPH speed of 12,000, then you will be able to qualify and will be able to earn a decent amount.

Here I am going to show you 3 of the best sites for finding data entry jobs.


C:\Users\mario\OneDrive\Bureau\Fiverr - Freelance Services Marketplace for Businesses
How To Make Money Data Entry Jobs From Home? 4 Money more life

One of the best site to find data entry jobs online. It is a job site where you can offer your data entry work for as little as $ 5. you can set $ 5 a small fee to do the necessary work and will be able to pay more as your level increases. It is always advisable to set your starting price as low as you can. You can find a good idea from the sales pages available to design your new sales page. Just go to Fiverr. 

And search it for data entry and verify that you will find a massive list of sales pages that are saying, “I’m going to do data entry” with a minimum price of $ 5.

Just take help from them to create your profile for the first time.

You will be paid when you have to fill the order placed by the customer.


oDesk Work  Find freelancers to tackle any job money more life
How To Make Money Data Entry Jobs From Home? 5 Money more life

It is one of the globally recognized workplaces for freelancers. To work at data entry jobs, you will need to create a complete profile with your skills listed in it and also remember to put your minimum payment as low as you can for the first time.

Just go to oDesk.

Just click on “Post a Job! And start working with them. You can also search for some data entry jobs to get a rough idea of how to design your page. Just search for “data entry.” You will find a list of people who offer their data entry with more details.


Upwork home page - money more life
How To Make Money Data Entry Jobs From Home? 6 Money more life

It is also similar to oDesk, where you can create your profile and can work as a freelancer. Go through predefined user profiles to create a good looking profile and also set a minimum price for the first time.

Just go to these websites to start your income with data entry jobs.


Rappelez-vous il ya trop de pigiste disponibles de nos jours, il est donc conseillé que travailler à un meilleur marché pour saisir certaines commandes. Juste donner un travail de haute qualité pour un certain temps et après vous pouvez augmenter votre prix.Remarque

Work from home has never been easier than it is today. With the rapid development of technology, anyone can work safely and in the comfort of their home while earning a lot of money.

This is an excellent option for those who want great flexibility from a distance while remaining productive, especially with the current containment policy imposed in many parts of the world.