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Additional Terms

Please read these Additional Terms carefully before setting any cookies, pixels or other tracking technologies (collectively, “cookies”) on your landing page(s) and/or Website(s). By clicking “Accept” within the Mailchimp application and setting cookies on your landing page(s) or Website(s) you are agreeing to these Additional Terms.

You can choose to set cookies on the landing pages or Websites that you create. If you choose to set any cookies, it is your responsibility to understand how your use of those cookies will impact your landing page or Website. You can visit Mailchimp’s Cookie Statement at any time for a general description of the cookies that can be employed by a Mailchimp user through the use of Mailchimp (see the Section entitled “Cookies served through the Services”), or you can revisit the landing pages or Websites creator for descriptions of the specific cookies you choose to set. If you choose to set cookies, you agree that Mailchimp will automatically install a JavaScript tracking snippet on your landing page or Website in order to allow those cookies to be set on your landing page or Website.

You are responsible for understanding and complying with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and determining whether our Service, including landing pages and Websites, is suitable for you in light of such laws, rules, and regulations. If you choose to set cookies on your landing page or Website, you represent and warrant that (1) you have permission from your subscribed contacts to track activity via cookies, and to transfer information related to this tracking to Mailchimp, and (2) your landing page or Website adequately discloses your tracking practices and use of cookies in a privacy policy, cookie statement, or other disclosure.

These Additional Terms do not replace Mailchimp’s Standard Terms of Use (including our Data Processing Addendum, Cookie Statement, Acceptable Use Policy, API Guidelines, Copyright and Trademark Policy, and Brand Guidelines), and the Standard Terms of Use continue to apply once you have created a landing page or Website. The ability to create a landing page or Website is considered part of the Service offered by Mailchimp (as defined in our Standard Terms of Use).

Updated June 17, 2019